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Backlit Decals

Backlit Decals

Make your brand visible 24/7 with eye-catching backlit signs

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Backlit Decals are the perfect solution if you need a 24/7 visibility for your sign. These high-quality Backlit Decals are used both indoors as well as outdoors. They are weather resistant and can last for years. They provide a wide range of rich colors creating attractive and eye-catching signs.

These are translucent decals that permit the light to pass through them. This means that the material to which the decal is applied to must be transparent itself to let the light pass through it. Therefore the main materials used as a base for Backlit Decal signs are Acrylic or Lexan.

Backlit Decals are mainly used for making Light Boxes, decorating shop or storefront windows, cinema stands, displays and more.

You can create your envisioned design with our free designing tool or choose one of our free templates. The design you picked will be printed to the Decal with long-lasting UV protected inks.

Furthermore, the backlit film is applied in malls, restaurants, museums, industrial institutions or during special events like trade shows or exhibitions. This material is also on financial institutions, stage production or on telecommunication sets.  

Due to its translucence, the graphics become brightly visible when the material is illuminated from behind.

Backlit Decals are removable, have high-quality photographic image prints and can be easily changed if needed. The estimated lifespan of Backlit Decals is 3+ years with proper placement and care.  

Benefits of Backlit Decals


  • Easily removable
  • Self-adhesive, without any additional adhesives
  • Provide day and night visibility
  • Highly effective promotional tool
  • Printed with UV inks


The material of these Decals is a Backlit Vinyl which is a perfect material for making illuminated signs. The material is naturally white and comes in rolls, but you can order Backlit Decals in custom sizes printed in any color.


For backlit vinyl printing, we use a special triple printing method that provides high-resolution graphics. We use only high-quality UV curing printers that dry the inks with UV rays, making the prints sun resistant. With triple printing, we apply three layers of ink. First, we print the design then we add a layer of white ink and then again print the design. This method allows the graphics to be perfectly visible with back illumination at night. The printing process is the most important part of the backlit display, so we make sure to provide vibrant graphics with or without illumination. Create your personal design for backlit decals with our designing tool. Choose one of our free templates or upload your own design.

Backlit Decals Cutting


You can have your Backlit Decals cut with a highly effective digital plotter cutting machine. It offers quality cutting on self-adhesive and soft materials like vinyl. You can have your decals custom cut in any size and shape. The table of digital plotter machine comes in a wide range of specialty tools that make the machine flexible and fast. Thanks to its toolkit the machine provides the highest cutting accuracy for your sign.

Backlit Decals Buying Options

Buying Options

Square or Rectangle cut - With this option you will get your decals standard cut in square or rectangular shapes with sharp edges.

Rounded cut - This option provides decals with rounded edges, giving them a neater look.

Overline cut - With this cutting option your custom decals will be cut in the shape of your design with an extra border around it.

Outline cut - The decals will be cut in the exact shape of your design without any borders.

Lexan face - If you want to create a lightbox sign or change the face of your old LED sign you can get a custom lexan face. Lexan is a flexible and highly durable material often used for making lightbox signs. You can order backlit vinyl attached to lexan and create a stunning illuminated sign.

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