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Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs

Durable, weather-resistant - perfect for offices, shops, reception areas and building exteriors

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Aluminum Signs are highly durable types of signs perfect for both interior and exterior use. These signs are all types of weather resistant and are usually used outdoors (safety, parking, warning, directional signs etc.)

One of the greatest features of the Aluminum Sign is its double-sided display which enables printing eye-catching graphics on each side.

Due to the versatility of this material you can have your graphics printed in any color on an aluminum sheet of almost any thickness and size. When talking about Aluminum Signs people immediately imagine it to be grey, black and white, but you can get Metal Signs printed in your desired colors.

Whether you choose to print a ready design you have in hand - or custom graphics created with our free design tool – you have the opportunity to choose the thickness, size and color of your sign. With the endless amount of free templates you can create the custom design you anticipated.

The installation complexity of Aluminum Signs depends on the size and on the location where the sign should be installed. The Metal Sign can be mounted on the wall with command strips, or can be hung on suction cup and hooks. An elegant way to install the Aluminum Sign is with the help of standoffs. Also, you can order easel backs of various sizes to display your Aluminum Sign on all types of flat surfaces.

Benefits of Aluminum Signs


  • Highly durable
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Long lifespan
  • One and double-sided
  • Naturally corrosion-resistant


Aluminum is one of the most durable materials used in the sign making industry. The material is all types of weather and corrosion resistant. Aluminum is perfect for both one and double-sided printing. The edges of Aluminum Metal Signs can be cut standard, overline, outline or rounded.

The material naturally comes with white coverage, so all other parts that are not printed remain white. But if you donít want a solid white color, you can get Aluminum Signs with various background colors.


You can order Aluminum Signs with your desired printed graphics on one or both sides. The printing process goes like this: our CMYK based digital printers apply the UV inks onto the material. The printer immediately dries the inks with ultraviolet curing system simultaneous to printing. This process makes the inks fade and sun-resistant, thus your printed Aluminum metal Sign will retain its vivid colors for a long period.

Aluminum Signs Cutting


We offer ultra-precise cutting services for your Aluminum Sign with CNC routers. CNC cutting eliminates waste and reduces errors. These machines provide multi-point cutting tools to produce custom-designed products. The spindle of CNC router operates at a considerably higher rate of speed and is perfect for machining a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, glass, and wood.

Aluminum Signs Buying Options

Buying Options

Signs with standoffs - You can order Aluminum Signs with standoffs for elegant installation. The standoffs are fixed on either 4 corners and/or top & bottom centers of the sign. This type of installation keeps a slight space between the sign and the wall.

Signs with drilled holes - If you don't want to get any installation hardware you can order Aluminum Signs with drilled holes in your desired quantity. This way you can install the sign with your own hardware.

Double-sided Signs - You can get Aluminum Signs with prints on both sides. This provides more visibility and more space for expressing your message.

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